Fear of NO Insurance Coverage

How many of us take medications that cost “A LOT”….

I recently had this fear and am still working through it.  My husband got laid off last month in corporate world “Workforce Reduction”. I went into complete survival mode and scared shitless.  In April I will have experienced not being in pain for one year.  Some will say I am in remission, I say living my life without pain to my fullest.  

So when I was presented that I will need to look for insurance, I was in a panic and was not dealing with it well.  I started looking at insurances and many did not cover my current medications that are keeping my Rheumatoid Arthritis at bay and most of my Drs are in another state, they too are not covered. Most importantly MYRheumatologist isn’t I have been with him since I was diagnosed.  FEAR is not a luxury I can afford as some who has RA.  I was doing all sorts of rationalizations on how to stretch my medications or ration how I was going to take it.  Of course during all of it I was starting to feel all the aches, pains, swelling and eating all of my feeling… 

How does one stop the chaos of fear from debilitating you?  Yes you’d think I’d know except when its happening to you, you forget.  It has taken three weeks of living in doom and gloom for me to realize I can only change this outcome. I reached out to my Coach explained all that I was going through and asked for help. 

As women we believe we can do it all and asking for help isn’t a solution until it is.  I needed to get back to basics like I teach and guide my clients.

1. Journal, write everything down that is swirling in your head.

2. What thought keeps repeating what a you wrote.

3. Make a list of what is facts. Not the story you are telling yourself.

4. What are your feelings that you have about the facts.

5. What are the actions I am creating from my feelings.

5. How are these actions serving me.

When I was able to look at my thoughts I absolutely could see why I was full of fear.  I was reacting from old stories I told myself as a single mother who worked 3 jobs to get by and one of those jobs was to afford insurance for my daughter.  Back then I didn’t have the tools I have today.  I am grateful that I have a coach to guide me too.  

So yes, I was able to figure out my insurance issues with a temporary solution that gives my one year to get what I need for me and my healthcare.

I’d love to hear how many have this fear, or fear of living with Rheumatoid Arthritis.