New Year New You

This year I will be continuing to concentrate on my health and be an example that with having Rheumatoid Arthritis I can live a life of my choosing. I have made some goals of how I want to see myself next year at this time. This year I started the year off walking a 5k. It set forth how I want to set intentions on how I want to live this coming year and my future. Showing up being active which has always been a happy place for me. 

Before being diagnosed with my autoimmune disease I really thought I was getting old and my body was telling me so. Quite a few years earlier I gave up doing most of my favorite outdoor activities because the pain was killing the enjoyment. Gardening, kayaking, golfing, running, walking and riding a bike with my grandchildren. I craved the outdoors, fresh air and the sun. 

Over the past few years I changed how I looked at being a victim of Rheumatoid Arthritis to I get to figure out how to bring new joy of the outdoors to heal me. I got a coach and she explained that yes you get to change your thoughts and actions to find the joy I had been missing. Most importantly taught me how with guidance and support. Was it easy no, was it worth it…. yes. 

Last year I set out to be active play an active role in my life and I did… I got a personal trainer, we worked according to how my body felt and that day. It took eight months before I left her studio realizing that I was in better shape and enjoying the little thing of being able to vacuum with out feeling exhausted. That morphed to my first 5k 2nd and 3rd. This year I have set a goal of one a month whether in person or virtual. This year I will be adding also golfing and kayaking to the mix. I will be meeting myself where I am and soak up the sun. Plus the idea of buying a bike to ride with the grandchildren sounds possible. I expect to face challenges along the way and when I do I get to embrace them with the courage to figure it out instead of feeling defeated. 

Since being diagnosed I have found a new outlook on life and I enjoy my life and an active participant in it. I welcome everyone who wants to join me to see my pain, joy and wins along the way.

This is the new the me…. Living life together with my diagnosis… Being the example of living to my best ability daily because everyday is a new day… 

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